A whole new take on "clean eating"

Baby eating frame On meal planning organisation

You know when you do something that you assume everyone else is doing? I didn’t think that “eating trousers” needed an explanation but apparently other parents aren’t using these 🤷‍♀️ For all three of my kiddies we’ve done baby led weaning which we LOVE (don’t get me started 😆) but it is messy!! Eating trousers aka bottom bibs are an ingenious way of keeping everything underneath clean and dry. You can use any old or worn trousers that you don’t mind getting all stained and scummy and if you have about 3 dedicated pairs you can get a good ol’ rotation going on. Once your littleun has finished eating it’s like a magic trick, you whip them off and “ta da” she’s all good to go! 🤣

If you are not using these already I’m so excited for you as you’re about to feel like a cleanup ninja 🙅‍♀️🙌 😅

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