Another weapon to add to your meal preparation armory ...

If you read my blog post "Taking the overwhelm out of meal preparation", you’ll know that I can find meal times a struggle. After looking after little people all day, providing an evening meal that is nourishing and satisfies everyone’s tastes can feel like a hill that is too big to climb.

Enter Wick Nixon, a meal time ninja 🙅‍♀ if there ever was one, who takes the guess work out of cooking by providing gorgeous recipes that are simple to make, using everyday ingredients (move over preserved lemon 😜!) and that are tailored for busy Mum's. Not only does she provide the recipes but she provides the plans with her amazing community  Wicked Wellbeing 🙌 ! I absolutely LOVE this because while we all know that the secret to providing nourishing meals week on week relies on planning, sometimes life happens and planning doesn’t. Am I right?!

Wick Nixon Healthy Eating meal planning health lunchbox ideas free download


Step in Wick’s “recipe vault” in her Wicked Healthy Tribe membership; a treasure trove of recipes and meal plans so that you can get straight to the cooking and bypass the pinning, tabbing, and bookmarking of recipes that “one day you’ll try” when in fact, rather than a mushroom soufflé with cognac butter sauce (I totally made that up but it sounds yummy 😁), what you REALLY need is a tried and tested recipe that was made by a Mum, for a Mum.

Because Wick embraces a holistic approach to well being , her membership also includes access to  an exercise vault where you can tap in to workouts that are focused on different body areas and include some seriously cool options like Power hooping!! How fricken cool is THAT!!! If you want to be the first to know when Wick next opens up her Tribe to new members, click HERE.  

Over a I asked Wick for help as my new term lunchbox vigor and excitement had fallen flat after only a few days. Can you relate? Well ahem I’m doing a happy little dance because guess what? Wick has given me her game changer of a lunchbox planner to share with the Frame On massive! Can I hear a heck yeah!!

It is obvious that this chart will inspire you but can I let you in on a little secret that isn’t really a secret at all as I want you to shout it from the rooftops? This chart is an amazing way to empower and motivate your kids. Give them ownership of their lunchboxes so that they have greater autonomy while developing  a new relationship with food and it’s preparation. As much as I love the idea of merrily making meals with my kids, the truth is that I am often in too much of a rush to hand over the knives 🙄. Getting the kids involved with lunchtime prep is so much easier as they can do it the night before and they can pick and choose and feel creative rather than follow a recipe. 

So let’s all gather together for a virtual applause of thanks and gratitude for Wick 👏 Wick’s lunchbox planner is available for FREE here

If you’d like to keep Wick’s chart  in sight, in mind, and protected from grubby hands and kitchen spills then it is a perfect match for our A4 Magnetic Frames.

A match made in heaven indeed ❤️

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