Consistency is calming

I LOVE school holidays but by the end I am craving a return to routine.

A return to a feeling of rhythm and consistency.

While many of us resist the idea of routine, we are innately creatures of habit. This is why when we drift too far away from predictability, it can feel unsettling

For our children, a routine offers a confident foundation from where they can thrive. A safe place of predictability and regularity that gives reassurance and confidence.

Our visual tools are designed to help you, and your children, create consistency by establishing regular routines that you can actually see.

Less guesswork means less overwhelm so that you can enjoy more calm and better days.

If you are craving some consistency in your life, start with repetition of a simple routine, for one part of your day.

You could start with:

🍮 A morning routine for getting your kids to school
🌛 An evening routine to help get them to bed
🥗 A meal planner so that you can create a weekly system for your meals and avoid meal time overwhelm. 

With any new routine, it can take a while to settle so start small and be patient. 

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