Coping with different personalities


It was dress up as your favourite book character at school today and my boys went as Harry (Potter of course) and a tiger (from no book in a particular, just a tiger 🐯).

Looking at this picture later on today I realized it is a pretty darn accurate summation of their two very different characters. My eldest is studious, measured, sensible and articulate while my youngest is wild, spur-of-the-moment, loud, energetic and very very funny. 

It can be hard balancing out the needs of two such very different characters, not to mention the necessary adjustments to our parenting style, and it can feel really overwhelming trying to accommodate both personalities. One thing that we have found which seems to motivate both of our boys is reminding them of their "responsibilities" by displaying these on a chart. In our home we don't reward our children for completing their responsibilities as we feel they should just be a given, but for a lot of households financial reward or other is part and parcel of getting stuff done. Whatever works for you is the best way to go :-) There are a lot of different opinions on the dialogue and framework around this subject and I am certainly not the person to be offering a professional opinion but if you need some help figuring out what will work best for your child, reaching out to an organization such as the Parenting Place might help you suss it out. 

If you think your children might respond well to our "my responsibilities" chart, they are available as a download or displayed in an A4 Magnetic Frame

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