Empowered learning



My 8 year old is learning Mandarin as part of his enrichment program at school 🙌 

To help him practice his symbols we’ve printed them out and displayed them in one of Frame On’s famous Small Magnetic Frames and he’s loving it! The dry erase, write on wipe off surface, means he can practice as many times as he likes without the fear of mistakes. It also means I only have to print off one sheet of paper that he can trace over again and again which is a saver of time, money and waste! 👍🙅‍♀️


I don’t know what it is about kids and dry erase boards, but they seem to get so much more excited about drawing on these compared to paper! Any learning cue can be printed out and inserted which makes these 100% customisable to meet the specific learning needs of your child. 

If you’d like to empower your child by engaging them with their learning at home then take a look at our Small Magnetic Frames 

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