Empowering our children by changing our words

I was a BIG "I'm so proud of you" mama.
It feels so good to encourage, to complement, and to celebrate, but when our children start to EXPECT affirmation after achievement, it can leave both the parent and child, feeling frustrated.
I started to notice it with my boys after I would compliment one and the other would say "what about me?!" Since then, we have changed our words, from:

"I am so proud of you"


"You should be so proud of yourself"


While the intention is the same, moving the focus from us to them is a powerful shift.
I believe that one of our most important roles as parents is to teach our children to look inside for approval, rather than constantly seeking it from someone else.
The words we use, and the way we say them, can go a long way to empowering our children with self-belief and autonomy, attributes that will help our children thrive.

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