Get on the LOOP bandwagon to help plan your summer!

Oh my oh the Southern Hemisphere summer really is here! Only just over a week to go until School ends means that things are heating up both weather and activity wise 😎

Living in Auckland we are spoiled for choice of activities but with so much available, finding the deets can be tricky, unless of course you have the LOOP NZ app downloaded on your phone 🙅‍♀

If you aren't using the LOOP NZ app yet then seriously, get on it. This genius tool was made by the uber talented Melissa Field who, as a mama of three energetic boys, was frustrated at the lack of activity info that she could source at her fingertips. The app is COMPLETELY FREE and turns what could be an overwhelm of information into concise, easy to read categories that allow you and your kids to pick activities and plan your day without the drama of gathering all that info yourself. One of my favourite sections is "Playgrounds and Parks" which has introduced me to some gems of my local city that I may not have otherwise found.

LOOP NZ has been so popular that Melissa will soon be adding activities for areas outside of Auckland so if you live elsewhere in NZ, stay tuned!

Because Melissa happens to be rather lovely, she has taken things one step further and created a fabulous Summer Fun Planner with activity suggestions for different days of the week, and empty spaces for you to fill in your own. You can get your copy for free here Looking at activities like strawberry picking and watching an outdoor movie has got me REALLY EXCITED that it is summer and that fun filled days are just around the corner 🌞

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