Holiday bucket lists and Glowmama

For me, the true sign of holidays is one where you wake up and have no idea what day of the week it is. When instead of the hustle and bustle of getting to school on time, our days are designed by fabulous activities that create laughter, friendship and memories 🌞

One of my own wonderful childhood memories is sitting down with my Dad and writing a list of holiday "must-do's". It always made me feel very special and important and like my time really mattered so needless to say, we have carried on the tradition with our kids. At the start of each holiday they can choose 3 essential activities (within reason of course!) and then a whole bunch of "important" others. It is such a valuable exercise as it gives the kids autonomy and encourages them to plan ahead. The other cool thing about this arrangement is that because everyone in the family has a say, the grown ups get to choose must-do activities too 👍 Helllloooo family hoola hooping 😂 

With this in mind I had intended to come up with a holiday "bucket list" from which we could pick some awesome activities but when I head that gorgeous Glowmama was creating her own I thought "I want my tribe to have a piece of that!". If you haven't heard of Glowmama, Bunny is the most divine creature who shares her parenting journey from the heart. Her words are a joy to read and often a real tonic when I need it the most. She is wonderfully authentic and with three little ones (including a very recent addition) she is in the midst of the crazy juggle of motherhood but seems to do it with such grace and wisdom that I just cannot help but keep checking in on her journey which I follow on Facebook 

The bucket list is jam packed full of AMAZING holiday ideas that will without doubt contribute to the most amazing summer full of memories for all the years to come. 

Download your free copy here. 

Enjoy x 


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