Awesome original gift ideas that are designed to bring JOY

Happygram happy birthday gift box original gift idea from happygram

It feels like all my ✨are aligning as this month, I was able to meet not one but TWO amazing women whose businesses are making a real difference in the lives of busy parents.

One of the hardest things that I find about parenting is not having the time to spend doing thoughtful things for the people you love. It is one thing to have a thought (my mind is bursting with those!)  but quite another to be able to action that thought into something that reflects your intention 😒.  Because of this, I am always looking for things that are just that little bit more special than a phone call or a text message to let someone know that I’m thinking of them.

I’d been admiring the work of the gorgeous Lisa from Happygram for a wee while as I just LOVE her ethos of finding an original way to brighten up someone’s day 🙌. I’m all about the hugs but sometimes a physical embrace just isn’t possible, and I reckon that a Happygram is the next best thing. Think bright, colourful, heart fluttering gifts that are designed to bring joy 🌈. I think my favourite are the “happy pills” which I am fairly sure MUST be devoured in one sitting 😋. I cannot think of any emotional ailment that these pills will not cure.

With blog post titles like “4 Science proven ways to be happy” and “why we enjoy giving and you should too” it is easy to see why Happygram should be your first port of call when shopping for someone who needs something just a little bit special and out of the ordinary ❤️..

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