Kid's chores and school holidays

Boy with Frame On Chore chart in a Frame On magnetic Frame

I love them, I crave them BUT school holidays can get intense, right?! There is so much energy in our household right now and channeling that energy can be a challenge but, after a few blow out days, I’m feeling like we’re back in a groove. I’ve been relying heavily on our kid’s chore/responsibility chart to share the load. In term time everyone can get so tired that it’s easy to slip out of a routine but in the holidays we have so much more time to get stuff done, and of course with more bodies around there is more stuff to be done. To manage this, and to make sure we’re all the same page, the kid’s responsibilities are going on a chart and are displayed on the fridge. The chart has enough space to include 2 or possibly even 3 kids who can be colour coded.

I’ve found it works well to put a dash beside each day that a chore should be completed, then a tick or a cross depending on whether the task gets done. In our family we don’t offer financial reward for completing weekly responsibilities, but if your family does incentive in this way then you can of course include that on the chart by writing the goal and reward in the bottom row. Would love to hear how you get your kids involved with family chores!



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