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Motherhood comes with all sorts of challenges but one which can feel like an everyday burden is All. The. Stuff. I have such a clear memory of going along to the baby show when pregnant with my first and feeling completely clueless and totally overwhelmed at all the “stuff” that was supposedly going to make our parenting journey so much easier. Third time round and I’m a lot wiser and while we never went crazy with all the mod cons and gadgets, I can’t help but ponder on that old chestnut “if I only knew now what I knew then!” 

One thing that I definitely wish I’d known about is Live Love Lend. This awesome collaboration of two Mums provides a platform where you can rent your baby equipment from other Mums, or flip the coin, and rent out all that stuff that you were sure you needed when you went a bit cray cray at the baby show. Think Airbnb for baby stuff! This framework makes so much sense as so many of us hold on to bits and bobs in between our littleuns, so why not save someone else the financial outlay of buying a new product when they can rent yours for a fraction of the price. If that’s not a win win they I don’t know what is!


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When you are done with your brood, Live Love Lend has you covered with their second-hand marketplace where you can buy and sell quality pre-loved baby gear.It’s so nice to have beautiful second-hand offerings that are an amazing price and quality.

If you prefer to buy new, they also offer a beautiful online marketplace that only offers sustainable products like handmade jerseys knitted by Jenny, Balms by Simply Kawakawa, and natural dishwashing tablets made by Lemon and Sunshine. I just love the way that you can see who you are buying from. It brings such a feel-good factor and a wonderful alternative to a market that is saturated with low quality, high volume items. Small and local is where it is at my friends.

Because the ethos of Live Love Lend is all about sustainability, it will come as no surprise that these mamas make their own cleaning products. I was a bit cheeky and asked if they could share some recipes with the Frame On massive and guess what, they said yes! If you’d like to reduce the use of chemicals in your home while maintaining a fresh space, then grab your free printable here.



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