Marvelous Monotony

My family have just come back from our annual summer holiday which I look forward to for months in advance. As a full time mama I find myself wanting to escape the monotony of the daily, weekly, monthly routine. The schedules that are necessary in order for my family to be able to function, but the grind of which can be exhausting and at times, a bit soul destroying! 

When we returned from our much needed break, I was relieved to welcome back the old schedule and all of the things that are familiar to my every day life. While throughout the year they can seem a bit boring and repetitive, time away makes me realize how fortunate I am to have continuity in my life and the life of my kids, and how lucky I am to have a routine that allows me to get stuff done.

I'm not really one for New Year resolutions, as I always try to seize the moment, but I am hoping to bring more routine and structure into 2019 as now more than ever with my three kiddies, dog, business and husband's business, the juggle is real!!! I'm going to be sharing some awesome ideas about establishing routines and structure in newsletters to come, so watch this space! 

If you're in NZ enjoy this gorgeous summer sun we are having which fingers crossed will last the rest of the school holidays! Wherever you are, be safe and happy and have a fantastic start to 2019!

Moana x

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