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ADHD meme for story telling


Of all the ADHD memes I have seen, this one from @danidonovan made me feel most “at home”. Up until around 6 months ago, I had NO idea that I was ADHD, but for a long time I have been very aware that I am a very colourful and convoluted storyteller. 

If you ask me a question you can expect to get a response of epic proportions that involves a bit of my history, a bit of my future, some personal opinion of a seemingly unrelated matter, and eventually if you are lucky, or patient enough, the answer that you were hoping for in the first place 🙄

All of the bits and pieces weaved into my response may seem unrelated and most likely highly irrelevant, but they are sewn together in my mind in such a way that I need to untangle the threads before finding that one little piece you were hoping for. I’m not sure it’s not always worth the wait 😂

Other times, I just cannot access the answer you are looking for. It is there, I can feel it sitting on the tip of my tongue but it is hidden away at a time when only it will decide it is ready to come out. When it does decide to reveal itself, heads up that it will fly out whether we are mid-sentence or mid-movie, seemingly with a will of its own. So please do forgive me for any future (or past) socially inappropriate interjections 🤐

I find it incredibly difficult to organise and structure my thoughts verbally, though sometimes I get in the “zone” where thought and language come together in a way that is logical and effortless, and when “speaking my mind” can be done without distraction. “Writing my mind” comes easier. I like being able to delete and replace, rearrange, cut and paste without ears bearing witness to the jumble between my ears.

It feels pretty wonderful to understand the reason why I have certain tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. While many of my quirks are solely my own, I share many with others who are neurodivergent and that has brought me an immense sense of comfort and acceptance. Almost every day I meet another adult who has lived a life without realising why they are a bit “different” to those who are neurotypical. Our world is currently set up for left-brained thinkers and when trying to fit into this mould, it is common for right-brainers to try and quieten and control the very parts of them that make them so freaking awesome. 

We are who we are and figuring out our individual places should not mean carving something out of a mould that was not designed for us. Diversification, or “not putting of your eggs into one basket” is fundamental to progress, and the human brain pool is certainly no exception. There is so much hidden talent that is waiting to be uncovered when people have the self-confidence and societal-acceptance, to stand for who they are. I want to be a part of that movement 🙋‍♀️ 

In my case, that means accepting that if you want a short, concise answer to your question, I best advise you to skip past me. If however you feel like some storytelling and are not too fussed about whether your question gets answered or not, then come join me on my convoluted journey of mental wanderings 🤗😊


Hey Sarah! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I do love a good story, even if it does go on for hours and ends up in a different place from where it started 😅🌈

Hello Better Day November 18, 2020

And this Meme is fantastic and we all know fabulous people who tell a story like this!

Sarah Rose November 18, 2020

I would just like to say that you are delightful and not the least bit socially inappropriate! I’m so glad for you that your discovery of neurodiverisity has brought you so much grounding. Respect x

Sarah Rose November 18, 2020

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