Sunday mornings

I LOVE Sunday mornings ❤️

In our house we have a kick arse brunch, put on some tunes then laze around and laze around some more. Our Sunday routine is a distinct lack of routine and it is within these unscripted moments of presence, free from hustle and bustle, that our best family moments seem to be created. 

Last night we caught up with some friends that I've known since pre-school, and this morning I got out my old photo album to reminisce and to share my memories. I am definitely a sentimental soul and lately I’ve found it really useful tapping into my past to gain inspiration for ways to better understand and support my children with challenges that they are facing. Showing my children photographs of me at the age they are now reminds them that I’ve been there, that I too have navigated what can at times feel like a very confusing path. 

As well as looking into the past sometimes we sneaks a glimpse into the future. Today we imagined that one day they might be sitting with their kids, reminiscing about their own childhood, with a star feature being our lazy Sunday mornings 🌟

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