Customizable weekly learning schedule


Who it is for

This bright, engaging, weekly learning schedule is the perfect way to engage your child with home learning or to help young children settle into a new learning routine at pre-school or school.

It is designed for children who are a younger developmental age. 
The ability to customize with images or photographs makes this an ideal choice for visual learners including children with dyslexia, ADHD and Autism. 

For schedules that are designed for children of an older developmental age, check out our Daily and Weekly Schedule Pack 

Why it works

Children thrive on routine and providing clear, visual instructions gives confidence and reassurance about what is happening next. 

Depending on your child’s learning needs, this chart can be customized with text or images to engage and communicate with your child. When your child knows what is happening, they are more likely to do it. 

How to use:

Customized version - Customize with your child’s schedule BEFORE printing. We recommend this option for children who have a consistent schedule. 

👉 To try before you buy, check out this free demo 

Template version - Print your weekly schedule as a blank template, with your child’s activities filled out manually AFTER printing. We recommend this version for children whose schedules are constantly changing. 

Select either:

  • Customize and frame - You customize, we print, frame, and send.
  • Print blank template You print the template
  • Frame blank template We print, frame and send (pdf included)

    👉 For more information on how to customize, click here 




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