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Our customizable schedules are a brilliant way to keep all of your family's activities on the same page. They are a great alternative to digital or paper diaries because they can be seen, and referred to by all members of the family. 

They are available with space for a family of 4 or 5 members.

How to use:

Customized version - Customize with your family activities BEFORE printing. We recommend this option for families who have a consistent schedule. 

👉 To get an idea of how your chart can look, try before you buy with this free demo 

Template version - Print your chart as a blank template, with all details filled out manually AFTER printing. We recommend this version for families whose schedules are constantly changing. 

👌 We recommend pairing all of our charts with an A4 Magnetic Frame so that they will be seen, protected, and used. Select "frame" from the dropdown menu. 

Select either:

  • Customize and print - You customize, you print
  • Customize and frame - You customize, we print, frame, and send.
  • Print blank template - You print the template
  • Frame blank template - We print, frame and send (pdf included)

Please note, in the drop-down menu, the images shown will be the same regardless of family size but the correct file will be sent. 

👉For more information on how to customize click here 

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