Magnetic Frames

Seeing is doing. 

Having a plan is great. But seeing your plan is better. Pairing our charts and checklists with a Magnetic Frame is what will take you from planning to seeing to doing. 

Our Magnetic Frames allow you to:

♥ Organise
♥ Focus 
♥ Prioritize 
♥ Display


Our Magnetic Frames are designed like a pocket, allowing you to slip any insert in behind the protective outer sleeve to replace when needed. 

Reduce the overwhelm of trying to find that important piece of paper in a pile of paperwork, and display it in an A4 Magnetic Frame instead. 

👉 Transparent dry-erase surface lets you mark your chart without actually touching it. This means re-use rather than re-printing and that means less ink, less paper, less time, and less waste. 

👉 A fan of lamination but not a fan of the waste? Use our A4 Magetic Frames as a re-usable alternative.

Our Small Magnetic Frames are available in 5 different colors. Used to display whatever inspires or motivates you, or simply to display what brings you joy. Some ideas are:

♥ Inspirational quotes
♥ Motivational phrase
♥ A message to a loved one 
♥ A mini whiteboard notepad
♥ Photographs (school photos are a perfect fit!)

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