Morning/night routine checklists

If you want your mornings and nights to move from fraught rushed and stressed to calm, peaceful and enjoyable (yes, really!!) then read on. 

Research has shown that the key to establishing a healthy morning and night routine is consistency and that using a routine checklist is an anchor for that routine. Humans are creatures of habit and particularly for our children, repetitive action brings security, comfort, and stability. 

♥ Encourage autonomy
♥ Teach self-reliance
♥ Develop self-confidence.


👉 Need something that is ready to print? Check out our morning and evening checklist

👉Need a customizable option that checklist that can detail your child's specific routine? Check out our customizable (and fun!) robot, sun and moon, and unicorn checklists. 

👉 Protect your checklist and keep it where it will be seen by pairing with an A4 Magnetic Frame and have your child use the dry-erase surface to tick off their tasks as they go. 

💡 Checking tasks off activates the reward pathway in the brain, giving a juicy hit of dopamine, which in turn makes it more likely for your child to complete the task next time. This is a key ingredient in the formation of a new habit 🙌.