Planning Ahead Printables

Keeping track of what everyone in a family is doing, can be exhausting and often feels like a job within itself. 

The guilt when we miss a party, school dress-up day, or an appointment is very real. Having everything written down in one place, for the whole family to see and refer to is a way to ensure that we can keep track, and avoid that guilt. 

If you need to plan your family's time so that you stop missing appointments, over-committing, and reduce the overwhelm, our Planning Ahead Printables can help you to:

♥ Prioritize

♥ Focus 

♥ Avoid double booking 

♥ Be realistic about what can be achieved 


Furthermore, having our children being able to visually see their schedule has been shown to 

♥ Develop their self-confidence

♥ Lower stress

♥ Encourage autonomy


To ensure that your chart or planner is seen and referred to, we recommend pairing with an A4 Magnetic Frame so that it can be seen, protected, and used.