Our customizable range allows you to tweak and modify your chart or checklist to suit the needs of your child. This is particularly useful if your child has a specific routine, or responds well to a particular style of images, photographs, or words. 

After purchase:

1. Open your download link 

As well as a confirmation email from Better Day, you will be sent an email from Corjl which is the online program that you will use to customize your charts. You do not need any software, everything is done online and is extremely intuitive. A full instruction sheet will be included in the email from Corjl which you can refer to if necessary. 

👉 The email from Corjl will be sent immediately so if it is not in your inbox, check in your spam folder. 

If you do not receive an email, please reach out to info@betterdayprintables.com


2. Customize your chart or checklist 

Using Corjl, you can customize:

  • TEXT - Delete, re-position, or add. Edit font colour and size and select from a menu of different fonts styles including “Dyslexia”

  • IMAGES - Dete, re-position or add from our extensive image library. If you have your own images that you would like to incorporate, you can upload these to your library.

  • PHOTOGRAPHS - If your child responds to photographs as visual cues,  then you can upload these to your library, dragging and dropping into your chart in the same way as you would for images

👉 Try customizing before you buy by clicking on the demo link for the product you are interested in 

3. Save your customized chart 

When you are happy with your customization, save your design in your preferred format (JPG, PNG or PDF) and download it to your device from where you can print as many times as you like. 

👉 After downloading your customized chart, you can go back into the program to edit and re-save up to 10 times within 6 months (or up to 5 times for the blank canvas chart) which means you are getting 10 (or 5) chart variations for the price of one 😮


4. Print at home OR we'll print for you 👍 

Option 1: At checkout, if you selected “customize and print” at checkout, then you can print at home. All files are A4 in size and we recommend borderless printing

Option 2: If you selected “customize and frame” then notify info@betterdayprintables.com when you have finsihed customizing and we'll print it for you on 250gsm card and put it in an A4 Magnetic Frame. 

👉 If you change your mind from option 1 to option 2, notify us within 48 hours of the time of purchase and we will charge you the difference. 


5. Use and Enjoy

Any product is only as good as the way it is used. These charts and checklists are designed to facilitate a collaborative effort between you and your children. Stick with it, tweak and modify as necessary, practice patience and persistence and you will see results 🙌


★ Please be aware that color may vary from the photo shown  on the website and on the screen after editing depending on the equipment and paper type used.

© Hello Better Day. By purchasing this item you agree to not distribute or resell the file(s) contained in this download. For non-commercial, personal use only.