Visual tools to help neurodiverse children get organised


I'm a neurodivergent science-geek mama of 3, and Hello Better Day brings together all of these parts.

There is so much evidence to show the power of writing things down, for ourselves and our children. When we make a plan, it is more likely to get done. If we see that plan, it is even more likely to get done!

The science behind this is vast, we have even identified specific parts of the brain that are involved in the process of setting, pursuing, and reaching a goal. But this part of our brain is not as active in some of us compared to others, and that might explain why some of us find it difficult to get organised.

I most certainly fall into the "hard to get organised" category and learning that this may be due to my neurological wiring brought a wave of relief and self-forgiveness. But the "problem" was still there, getting out the door on time and structuring my day felt like a freaking circus show. Turns out that at least one my three kiddies is wired similarly to me and out of desperation and necessity, this prompted me to look into ways to help us structure our day and stay on track. 

Hello Better Day is the product of that research. Learning that I am neurodivergent has brought as many questions as it has answers. This is the beginning of my journey and I am fueled by a determination to understand why visual cues make such a difference for myself and my son. This space will allow me to share this knowledge with as many people as possible so that more can benefit ❤️


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