Our Magnetic Frames are like a pocket, sealed on three edges with an opening at the top. This design means that your insert will stay in place regardless of how you orientate your frame. The window opening is slightly larger than the window itself, to allow easy placement of your insert.


           Magnetic Frame Pocket style design  Replacing insert behind protective sleeve of small magnetic frame

Click here to see the best way to place your insert inside the frame.

What are they made from?

The triple layered design of our frames make them robust and sturdy while being light and flexible. 

The backing  is a full magnetic sheet, the middle layer is EVA foam and the surface layer is PVC (please note that this layer is NOT magnetic) and the full magnetic backing means that our frames will stay stuck on the fridge.


Triple layering of magnetic frame

*Please note that the front of our frames is not magnetic*


Is the Magnet very strong?

Because the entire backing layer is a magnetic, it is very strong and, unlike small magnets, it will not slip.

 The magnetic layer is soft rather than rigid, which means that it is less likely to scratch the surface that it is stuck to. 

Can I write on the surface?

Yes! This is one of the coolest things about our magnetic frames is that you can write, erase, and re-write just like you would any other dry-erase surface.

Please note that dry-erase pens are not all equal and some can leave a residue that can be hard to clean off. We have tested lots of brands and this is our favourite. 


Caring for your magnetic frames 

Your Magnetic Frames are made to last. Please note the following points to help give them the long life that they are designed for:

- Direct heat or sunlight may warp the frame

- Bending the frame may leave a mark on the surface 

- Cleaning the surface of the frame with a damp cloth or baby wipe will keep it looking fresh. If your whiteboard markers leave a residue that you find hard to remove, wiping it with a few drops of lemon essential oil will work wonders (and it smells divine!). Check out this video for a demo on how to clean your magnetic frames.This little hack works like magic for other surfaces too! 

- If you have a fridge with a water dispenser, place any frames that are under the dispenser open side down so that water doesn't trickle inside.


Magnetic Frame Dimensions:

A4 Frames
Outer dimensions = 25cm x 34cm (9.8" x 13.4")
Inner Window = 21cmx 30cm (8.3"x 11.8") 
Weight = 202g

Available in Black 


Small Magnetic Frames
Outer dimensions = 11.7cm x 9cm (4.6" x 3.5")
Inner Window = 9cm x 6.4cm (3.5"x 4.5")
Weight = 29g

Available in 5 colours: Black, blue, green, magenta, orange.