Task tiles


Who they are for

These task tiles are an alternative to a traditional chore chart and are ideally suited to visual thinkers and children who like to choose their own chores. They are also a great choice for children who need to work through one task at a time.

ADHD, Dyslexic, and Autistic children, in particular, can respond well to this system. 


How they are used

Each tile is cut out as a chore choice. 24 task tiles are included. 

Use the tiles in a way that suits your family. Some ideas include: 

- move chores from a "to do" to a "done" jar

- randomly select tasks from a hat, and allocate chores relative to your child's developmental age

- select a different combination of chores each week

- incorporate with an incentive system by writing points on the back of each chore (if printed) or on the front of the magnetic frame.


Why they work

Having each chore presented individually allows for a systematic approach, completing one task before proceeding to another. This can reduce the overwhelm for children who are starting out with chores, or for those who struggle with their working memory. 


Select either:

  • Add 5 frames - We print all tiles and display 5 in small frames (pdf included)
  • Add 10 frames - We print all tiles and display 10 in small frames (pdf included)
  • Print your tiles - You print and cut out tiles

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